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Maria’s Earth


Being a makeup lover, I can relate to how hard it can be to find a shade that blends in easily and leaves a natural look. Since I’m now in charge of doing my own makeup (pandemic), I am currently using NARS All Day Luminous Foundation, #03 Stromboli. It is a fast way to even out my skin tone and acts as a great base for my concealer.I add a little if I’m not going into the studio and use a little more if I have to be under the camera lights. The concealer I’m using is also from Nars. I use their Creamy Concealer- Cafe con Leche to hide the darker circles. It applies smoothly and a little goes a long way. After trying several makeup remover products, my to-go-to is Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Wipes. They are easy to store and don’t irritate my skin. I also take care of my skin with La Roche-Posay Tinted Sunscreen. It rubs in quickly and dries instantly.

Styling my own hair was tedious at first, but I’ve gotten better at it! Yes, I watched a few youtube videos. The dryer that is working best for me is Hot Tools’ One Step Dryer. I’m able to manage my hair without difficulty and doesn’t leave my hair frizzy or dull. The bristles are soft too.

The hairsprays I use on my hair have also given me great results! The days I want a teased look with extra volume, I use Redken Quick Dry 15. It gives my hair a full, shiny look. I spray lightly on the root sections of my hair and then tease with the teasing brush.  For extra hold and glossy hair, I also use Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine hairspray. I like that a little bit can go a long way and it doesn’t leave my hair stiff or sticky. Another hairspray that I alternate with Bed Head is Sebastian Professional Shaper. I can use it on damp hair to start off my hairstyle and after styling, I respray for a better hold. It holds my hair in humid weather and keeps down the frizz. No need to worry about stiff hair either, it leaves a natural look.

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