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Home Decor

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Home Decor

Waking up early and doing my own makeup can be a bit of a hassle but knowing where my things are helping me start my day. Using a Cosmetics Organizer to have my makeup products handy makes it easy to get my routine started. Aside from helping me organize, it’s also decorative and adds a nice touch to my dresser.

After a long day of work, sometimes I take a couple of minutes to reset.  Gus occasionally  joins me and when he does, my ottoman becomes his “comfy chair.” The ottoman adds a nice touch to the room and has space in it to store extra blankets or pillows! It also works as a great hiding spot for Gus when we play hide and seek. I decorate my ottoman with my shaggy pillows. The shaggy pillowcases make my pillows extra comfortable, they match with my bedding set and are in line with my style.

To unwind from a long week, I’ll have a glass of wine with dinner. I tend to use plastic wine glasses since they won’t break as easily and are easy to manage. On other occasions, I use my stemless wine cups from Tasteful Tableware. They are also shatterproof and dishwasher safe. The stemless glasses are convenient but when the whole family is home I rather use my colorful water glasses. They come in 6 different colors and each person can choose their cup. It’s a great way to avoid grabbing someone else’s drink by accident and are reusable too!

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