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Places and Travel

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Places and Travel

Traveling and seeing new places has always been a favorite thing for me to do, whether it be Europe, Hawaii, or other states in the U.S. While packing for our family European trip two years ago, I found Packing cubes! They were life and space savers. I was able to organize and fit more things in my luggage, leaving enough space to bring extra souvenirs back home.

For the trip, I also got a Power Plug adapter, which had the outlet we needed in order to keep our phones and devices charged and ready to take pictures of our daily adventures.

While we were out exploring, I kept my RavPower portable charger handy in case our phones needed a quick recharge. This charger was good for several devices but if we wanted a smaller portable charger, I would use the Charmast Power bank. It is smaller and lighter, which is great when you’re carrying too many things with you in your backpack!

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