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As many of you know, I LOVE technology and am a bit tech-savvy. For a couple of years now, I’ve used my Jelly Comb Mouse for work and browsing. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and easy to move around. It’s not very expensive at all. In order to keep my iPad safe and stylish, I opted for a very well known cover. The Composition Book Fintie Case is good for keeping my iPad propped up and also holds my Apple Pencil, keeping both of them together and easy to access. Plus it reminds me of the good ole days in school. People don’t even realize I’m holding an iPad when they see me walking around with it.

In order to keep my phone or iPad charged, I have used the RavPower portable charger. It has charged my phone, as well as my son’s iPad whenever we are out and about. It’s especially come in handy when we travel. A smaller portable that has also been great is the  Charmast Power bank. It is sleek and easier to carry, especially if you’re limited in space.

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